“Thanks again for all the help you’ve given us with our first boating experience and good luck with the business.”

Dr Mike Fischer


“The Boat Club’s professional and experienced service and attentive management of the syndicate boats makes sharing a boat affordable, convenient and easy, even if you’re new to boating.  We hope to get back into a share as soon as the kids are old enough to help with the ropes and cleaning!

Bryan Dawes


“We were looking at buying a boat for a long time, but were worried about the costs of buying the type of boat we wanted, and the ongoing costs particularly as we didn’t we would be able to use it regularly enough to make it worthwhile. Then we found the Boat Club.

The shared ownership made our leap into the world of boating more like an easy step. the boat is well maintained, looked after and is professionally managed by Steve. But more than that, Steve makes the experience stress and hassle free, which has been fantastic for first time owners like ourselves.  We have recommended the Boat Club to our friends and family and would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Steve!”

Matt and Alicia


“You have been a great help to both Helen and I and made us feel very comfortable with our decision to purchase a share in a fantastic boat and would recommend you to any interested parties. All the best with your future plans for the Boat Club and we look forward to many happy years of boating.”

John and Helen


“Steve I reiterate your service is very efficient and professional.”