Benefits of Joining a Boat Club Syndicate 

The Boat Club offers you an affordable and hassle-free opportunity to own a boat and live the flexible, affordable boating lifestyle you have only ever dreamed of.

 Buying a boat vs buying a boat share

If you are considering buying a boat you have most likely searched the boats for sale on the web and been surprised at the cost of buying a boat and maintaining it. Further, when you buy a boat outright for you and the family, all the costs will be yours and experience suggests that people never use a boat as much as they planned.  So the cost/value equation will in reality be worse because of the lower than projected use.  To that we can add the hassles of ownership. What is the alternative?

The alternative is to buy a share of a boat in one of the syndicates independently managed by the Boat Club. Buying a boat share through the Boat Club will see you enjoying the benefits of one of our packages which are unique in the market place and promise to be:



Our boutique personalised service means that you get to choose the dates you want to use your boat.  We don’t force block bookings on you.

Our easy-to-use online booking system is the simplest, smartest and fairest in the market place and allows you to make your bookings to suit your family.  In other words, when YOU want to use the boat, have a look at our Booking Calendar and see the great availability of our existing fleet.

The boats are either kept in a dry stack and lifted into the water for you on demand or are moored in a pen. Gone are the hassles of towing, queuing or launching.

For boats in dry storage, the engines are flushed and the hulls hosed down for you after use so all you do is the leave the boat clean and refuelled for the next owner – that’s hassle-free boating!

Typically the number of owners in a syndicate is either 4 or 5, and the size of the syndicate never changes. An owner may also ask the Boat Club to sell his/her share at any time.


Boat sharing with other like-minded owners enables you to enjoy the boating lifestyle at a much lower cost than if you owned a vessel outright.  All the ongoing costs of storage, maintenance, registration, servicing, detailing, and insurance are shared by all the owners ensuring that your boating lifestyle remains affordable.

Boat Share

The Boat Club’s boat share system is unique in Perth because it works to the advantage of the boat share owners and is supported in line with our published values and the terms of our unique Boat Share and Syndicate Management Agreement..  The syndicates are actively, independently and professionally managed by the Boat Club.

The Boat Club also provides every buyer of a share, regardless of experience, with a mandatory induction to the vessel and tuition in boat handling. Your family’s safety is important to us.  The organising of maintenance, registration, servicing, detailing, insurance boat registration, storage and the management of the sale of an owner’s share is the responsibility of the Boat Club.

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