Boat Usage (7)

Can I go to Rottnest?

Yes. The boats have an annual pass into the Marine Reserve. You may take the vessel as far as you wish, provided it is returned by the end of your booking period.

Will I be trained to use the boat?

Initial training on safe use of the vessel and basic navigation is included in your share purchase price. If you are already an experience user, you will be required to demonstrate safe boat handling prior to your first use.

Can I lend or sublet the boat?

No. You as the share owner must remain with the boat. There are penalties from the DPI for subletting a vessel or using the vessel in any commercial activity. Doing so will also void your membership from the scheme.

How many days can I use the boat?

In a share of 5 owners you get plenty of usage time (up to a fifth of the year on average) and most owners are far from using their full allocation. You can choose your preferred days on the dedicated online booking system for your boat.

How will peak periods and long weekends be divided up?

You can choose your days using the online booking system. Everyone is entitled to the same number of days so that over a year everyone gets fair usage. All owners are entitled to two public holidays use per year (based on 5 owners).

What are the ‘last minute bookings’?

These are bookable after 9am on any given day if no other owner is using the boat. You can have unlimited last minute bookings: they are not deducted from your standard usage allowance.

Can I book all of my days in one go: i.e. for a month long booking?

No. This would not allow fair access to all. We split the year into 3 periods of 4 months; you will be guaranteed a certain number of weekdays and Saturdays or Sundays in each 4 month period based on the size of your share.

Charges (7)

What is the quarterly charge?

The quarterly charge covers secure storage (dry stack or pen), fully comprehensive insurance, annual registration, the annual Rottnest pass, membership of the Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group and access to the Boat Club services, support and online booking system. 

Does the quarterly charge include fuel?

No. You pay for fuel at cost price and you must leave the tank full for the next user.

How much is the quarterly charge?

It will vary between vessels and storage/mooring/marina facilities. The charge however is shown for each vessel on the Boat Club website.

Who pays for cleaning?

Owners are expected to return the boat fully cleaned, particularly so if you have been fishing. It is up to the following user to check the boat on arrival for cleanliness and damage. It is our experience that each vessel requires professional detailing once per year.

The Boat Club is able to arrange detailing from one-off cleans to regular full valet services.

Do you offer a cleaning service if I want it?

Yes, we know that not everyone wants to clean a boat after a weekend away, so we offer a full cleaning service which is paid for by the owner who requests it. From time-to-time the owners of a boat usually decide to have a professional detail undertaken and split the costs.

Who pays for any damage?

This is borne by the person causing the damage. For example, if you ground the propeller and damage the leg, you will be responsible for repair costs or insurance excesses as appropriate.

Who checks for damage / cleanliness / proper refuelling etc?

The next user of the boat. Before you move the boat from the jetty at the start of your booking you should check the fuel level, cleanliness of the boat and inspect the leg/propeller for damage. If there are any problems you must inform the management before leaving the jetty.

The management will regularly check the hull when the boat is in the dry stack.

Because of our thorough driver training programme  we give you the skills to avoid driver caused damage to the boat.

The Boats (5)

How large are the boats?

The Boat Club’s syndicated vessels are concentrated in the 6 to 10 metres size range.

What type of boats are they?

A single hull, GRP construction, centre console, runabout and cruiser and converted cray boats are the most commonly requested types of boat.

How many people can be safely aboard?

This varies from vessel to vessel. Those in the 6-10 metre range are usually licensed to carry between six and ten people comfortably.

Where are the boats stored?

The current fleet of Boat Club vessels is stored in the Fremantle Boat Lifters’ stacking facility in Fishing Boat Harbour where the service includes the launch and retrieval of your vessel.  Just give them one hour’s notice and the vessel will be placed in the water for you. No trailers, no boat ramps and most importantly NO STRESS!!!

As the Boat Club fleet expands we will also be utilising marinas and other dry storage facilities in the Swan River and along the metropolitan coast. Once again we will be able to offer no trailers, no boat ramps and most importantly NO STRESS!!!

What about storage for larger boats?

Larger vessels will be penned, usually in a private marina. We will never set up a syndicate for a vessel if we can’t guarantee storage or a pen or mooring.

The Share (7)

Is the share a price an annual fee or a one-off fee?

It is a one-off payment. You own that share outright and it is yours to sell on in the future.

How much is the purchase cost of the share?

The price will vary depending on the vessel purchased. A price per share is listed for each vessel on the Boat Club website.

Is my share price equal to that percentage of the boat’s purchase price?

No. Your share purchase price also pays for the online booking system, driver training, navigation and guiding tuition, membership of the boat share and ongoing 7 day support.

Is my share legally recognised?

Yes your name will be on the ownership documents. You will also be required to enter into a boat share agreement with the other owners.

Will my share hold its value?

This obviously depends on demand and how the syndicate members look after the vessel. Whilst the value of vessels does depreciate with age the value of shares in the Boat Club vessels historically depreciate at a slower rate. There are numerous factors that can influence this outcome however and there is no guarantee that past price performance will be an indicator of future price performance.

Can I sell my share?

Yes your share can be sold at a time of your choosing and the sale of all shares is undertaken and managed by the Boat Club.

Please note that your share must be sold as 1 share and not sold in fractions.

How many owners will each vessel have?

There will be a maximum of 5 owners for each vessel. Check the listings to see how many shares there are in each syndicate.